Axis and Content of the Summit

South Asian Youth Summit 2018 will have two main pillars: the Government Forum and the Social Forum.

The Government Forum:

The Mauritius High Commissioner to Republic of India, Republic of Sri Lanka, Republic of Singapore, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Bangladesh, His Excellency Mr. Jagdish Goburdhon addressing the youth in #SAYS2017India.

All United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations accredited to ECOSOC and representatives of international and national organizations will be invited to the Government Forum, meaning that approximately 100 attendees are expected. The Government Forum will result in a Declaration with recommendations for governments on measures and policies to be taken regarding youth and development, aiming to 2030 and beyond.

The Social Forum:

The Social Forum will be a space for the Nationwide Meeting of Civil Society Organizations and the Global Village. The NGOs Meeting, expected to be attended by representatives from 200 organizations, will produce a document of recommendations that will be submitted to the Government Forum for its consideration.

The Global Village is the area where the various participants of the Summit will meet, including representatives of governments, civil society, academic institutions, the media, public and private foundations and international organizations. It is a place that will be open to the public, where information fair will be installed (with approximately 350 modules with national and international participants) as well as an area of exhibitions and special events (theater, cinema, music and others). Approximately 300,000 persons are expected to attend the Global Village.