Sunday, April 11, 2021
  • To bring together young people in the region in order to address issues that impact youth in this part of the world;
  • To strengthen and tightening the existing relationships amongst the SAARC nations;
  • To formulate a policy by identifying common issues and problems of the regions to empower the youth;
  • To achieve a declaration by consensus by all governments specially Ministry of Youth Affairs identifying key actions for youth and development policies to be presented at the 72nd Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly;
  • To promote the establishment of a mechanism that will provide specific follow-up for the youth agenda in both the government and the United Nations System;
  • To encourage dialogue between civil society organizations and governments on youth and development policies to better understand the priorities and needs of SAARC youth &
  • To share experiences and knowledge of youth and development dialogues, policies, strategies and programs.
  • To become closely aware of the details of different Government’s position on all important international issues;
  • To listen to the opinions of other delegates and experts;
  • To take part in the elaboration of recommendations;
  • To express your opinion on the items of the international agenda;
  • To take part as drafting committee members appointed by IYC of the Bhubaneswar Youth Declaration 2018;
  • To achieve the position of young Head of State or Minister and to extend the skills in the field of international negotiation and diplomacy;
  • To forge links with business and academic partners and likeminded people;
  • To establish lasting contacts with all other participants of the South Asian Youth Summit 2018, including representatives of business and government, international organizations, academics, students and professors from some of the best universities in the world, as well as experts in the field of international relations, finance, economics and law;
  • To develop personal trust and friendship trough the special atmosphere of evening and cultural events;
  • To get chance to meet various global iconic speakers & personalities;
  • To meet Head / Minister of of Youth / Representatives of Government of all SAARC’s nations of various countries to address your core youth issues of the country.
  • A young expert in the sphere of international affairs, social works or entrepreneurship, etc.;
  • Aged between 18 and 29;
  • Aged above 29 years can attend as Observer;
  • Possessing good communication skills in English.

Each participant of the South Asian Youth Summit may attend for one of the following sessions:

Plenary Sessions

The daily plenary sessions feature some of the World’s most distinguished Speakers, policy specialists and community leaders. Plenary sessions bring all Summit delegates together at the first session of every morning.

Special Sessions

Special sessions feature presentations by some of the world’s key research leaders, high-level international IYC Ambassadors and policy specialists. These sessions, which are 60-minutes long and held at lunch time, are highly engaging for all delegates. It will produce a joint outcome “Bhubaneswar Youth Declaration”.

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions connect the three programme components (Science, Community and Leadership) and provide an opportunity for multi-disciplinary, multi-perspective dialogues on topics of common interest. Through interactive formats, speakers share knowledge and perspectives on the issue in question. Additionally, speakers highlight linkages and synergies between different areas of expertise. Technical sessions are 90-minutes in duration per each session.

Panel Sessions

Panel sessions address critical issues that defy simple solutions. Focusing on a single, clearly defined topic or issue, speakers and delegates will share experiences, contribute relevant research findings and brainstorm ideas to identify possible ways forward. Sessions will also report on new results and announce forthcoming research and new initiatives.

Rapporteur Summary Session

A rapporteur summary session will be held immediately before the closing session. The summary session will synthesize the highlights of the week, focusing on important results presented and key recommendations put forward. In addition, rapporteur teams will publish daily reports and session summaries on the conference website and in the online programme. They will present the “ Bhubaneswar Youth Declaration 2017” draft statements drafted during the Conference.

The IYC will select each delegate through proper screening by a Selection Committee headed by Country Coordinators of respective countries after the receipt of the participation fee.

For participation please fill in the application form here.

The Participation Fee is based on the chosen platform of participation; the chosen price offer period and type of accommodation.

The organizer of the South Asian Youth Summit, the IYC, is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Thus, we regret to inform you that we or our partners are not able to provide participants with any scholarships. Participants should find the funds to cover their Participation Fee by themselves. However, we could provide an applicant with a supporting letter for searching a sponsor after confirmation of his or her attendance.

Price offer is valid:

Price (USD) Without Accommodation

Price (USD) With Accommodation (Double Sharing)

5th June – 5th July 2018



5th July – 5th August 2018



5th August – 15th September 2017




  1. There will be no charge of any kind of registration fees for the IYC members. However, they must be selected to attend the program due to limited seat capacity. (Please note that IYC has over 10,00,000 youth members across the globe which is not possible to accommodate each and every member in a particular specific event.)
  2. Registration fee for Old delegates of #SAYS2017India is only 100$ till 5th July 2018. This is an opportunity initiated by IYC for the re-union in 2018 again with all Alumni members and new members in one platform.
  • All costs acquired as a result of bank operations must be incurred by the Payer;
  • The payment is not refundable;
  • Payment should be completed as per the confirmation letter of selection;
  • The participation fee should reach the IYC’s bank account by the last day of the chosen price offer period through online payment or direct bank transfer for Indian;
  • Please be aware, if the fee is not paid during the chosen price offer period, we will send you a new invoice with the amount of participation fee price in accordance with the next price offer period.
  • Participation in the general events of the South Asian Youth Summit and specific events of the Conference, or the or all Special Sessions, or Social Programs, or Invited Speakers Programs , or Observers’ Program;
  • Participation in the South Asian Youth Summit Opening and Closing Ceremonies;
  • 4 nights of accommodation (28-11-2018 – 1-12-2018) [Check In by 12 pm (IST) (noon) & Check Out by 12 pm (noon)] [Only for Accommodation Paid Groups & Officials];
  • 4 breakfasts, 3 coffee breaks and 1 day sightseeing [Only for Accommodation Paid Groups & Officials];
  • Participation in Opening Gala Dinner and Concert of Classical music and Cultural Programs and Closing Gala Dinner;
  • Materials of the South Asian Youth Summit 2018 which includes a bag, T shirt, ID Card, Pen, Note pad, Certificate of participation with Memento;
  • Invitations to the South Asian Youth Summit 2018 required for the visa application (the electronic version is included in the package).
  • The official opening and closing ceremonies of the South Asian Youth Summit;
  • Plenary Session for all the delegates of South Asian Youth Summit;
  • Opening Gala Dinner and Concert of Classical music;
  • Closing Gala Dinner;
  • Informal communication.