Issues at Stake

Issues at Stake:

  • Lack of adequate institutional mechanisms to foster youth participation in decision making processes and the need for greater support of youth-led organizations and initiatives to enhance their contribution to society;
  • Need to encourage government of the Asian countries to adopt and domesticate the World Programme of Action for Youth in line with their national priorities;
  • Need for the effective implementation of inclusive and gender-sensitive national youth policies;
  • Need to create effective platforms at national and regional levels to help transform young people’s ideas into concrete actions for positive change;
  • Need to strengthen networks and partnerships among Governments, youth-led organizations, academic institutions, civil society, private sector, media etc. to enhance commitment and support for the implementation of holistic youth development activities;
  • Need to enhance the participation of young men and women in governance and political processes.

Our world is a home of young people who struggles with the spread of fear and discrimination, high levels of exclusion and unemployment. The participation of youth in identifying and responding to their own needs and aspirations is central to achieving the bold ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The skills and knowledge young people acquire must enable them to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators, empowering them to work together in dialogue to secure durable peace and sustainable development. Youth are a vehicle for imbuing the sense of belonging, motivation and skills that are central to engaging young people in constructive dialogue between and across communities. Young people have a critical role to play in managing issues and in finding solutions to pressing development challenges.

Advocating for the youth, based on the resources of culture, education, understanding, communication and information, International Youth Committee has been working as a think tank through an innovative ideas with the kind support of researcher, civil society and youth networks, to demonstrate the reality of mutual enrichment and cultural overlapping throughout the history of humanity among all segments of our societies.

With this backdrop and interest of the youth for socio- economic development and achieving SDG despite various limitations, the 2nd South Asian Youth Summit is designed with the close collaboration of government of Sri Lanka, IYC, civil society organization and other youth-led organization have come forward to organize the event with the kind support and cooperation of the Department of Youth Affairs, Government of Sri Lanka.