South Asian Youth Summit 2018 will be a meeting point for representatives of youths, governments, civil organizations, academic institutions, public and private foundations, international organizations and the general public.

A total number of 134 participants/delegates both girls and boys will be invited/chosen[1] from the South Asian Countries by agreed upon by the organizer and host country. However, IYC will take responsibility of selecting youths except local participants. Also, there will be a number of youth delegates from other countries who will be considered as observers. In addition to this, there will be at least 3 government representatives of member states and 10 from host city. It can be increase up to 450 & beyond subject to local resources available. 

Type of Participants Total Number Total
Government Representatives (1 Hon. Youth Minister, 1 Secretary, 1 Director General or Additional Secretary) 3 x 8 -member states 24
Youth Delegates 10 x 8 80
IYC Officials & South Asian Youth Ambassadors 20 20
Invited Speakers 10 10
Total   134


[1] A selection criteria will be set by both the organizer