Theme & Objective


The cross cutting theme of SOUTH ASIAN YOUTH SUMMIT 2018 is “Creating a Sustainable Future in the Fractured South Asia”.


  • To bring young people in the South Asian region for addressing issues that impact youth in this part of the world;
  • To create a platform of youth that will strengthen and tightening the existing relationships amongst the South Asian nations;
  • To formulate a policy by identifying common issues and problems of the regions to empower the youth;
  • To recognize and promote the unique eco-tourism potentials and culture of South Asian regions through youth;
  • To share experiences and knowledge of youth and development dialogues, policies, strategies and programs.

As a whole the 2nd South Asian Youth Summit 2018 will be a meeting point for the representatives of youth-led networks, governments and civil society organizations designed to identify priorities of action for youth to be dealt with on the international development agenda beyond the SDGs. This forum will strengthen cooperation links between country and stakeholders involved with youth policies.

Event Focus: 

  1. Social Justice- Gender equality, Realizing peace, Reconciliation and Ending Violence.
  2. Conservation of Biodiversity for Sustainability & Disaster Risk Reduction;
  3. Eco-Tourism Development in Sri Lanka and it’s linkage to ASEAN Countries;
  4. Exchange of culture, recreation and its development
  5. Poverty Eradication, Food and Nutrition Security;
  6. Preservation of Indigenous People and Our Heritage;